Commercials For Every Budget


We offer our businesses a full service experience.  Full video, still and combo commercials can be designed to meet every budget.  We provide:

Assistance with the concept of your commercial 

Assistance with the creation of a script.

Royalty free music

A wide selection of Professional male and female voice over talent 

Site optimization that attracts more viewers to your site. 

Here are a few examples of some of our work.  Use the navigation bar on the left to visit our YouTube:  and Facebook pages.

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Business Montage

View more samples at:

Sample Customer Video

This customer wanted a promo for the front page of his website.

Photo-Movie Sampler

Sample Photo-Movie

We worked with the customer to establish the copy.  We provided the voice over talent and created the photography onsite at his shop.  Call us to promote your product or service 407.421.3117

Sample Customer Video

A construction company brought us in to show the before and after of this office remodel.

Sample Interviews

Griffith Photographers captures a clean well lit picture and crystal clear sound for your interviews and testimonials.

Testimonial Commercial

We'll provide a platform for you, staff, and customers to talk about the many benefits of your company.  Call us: 407.421.3117

A Photomovie Sample

We have a photography event package which allows us to showcase your products and services when we handle any event for you.  You select a spokesperson who will provide the audio copy of your video.  We will take the photography of your products and services.  We then put them together to provide you with an economical, easy and affordable way to get your message to your prospects and clients.