Photography and Video


We can provide unlimited candid photography capturing your event.  From the BIG picture to the smallest detail, our job is to provide you with the coverage that makes you think you were there.  We can provide onsite studio quality portraits of individual staff and groups of  people which may be used on your website, social media, advertising, and annual reports.

We can also provide onsite actual prints for your guests within seconds of taking the photography.  Photographs are presented in attractive folders or frames if you like.  We can even pre-order a special supply of folders for you and emboss your logo or special message in your choice of gold, silver, or black on folders.  

Photographs can be viewed at your option on our secure password protected website for your attendee to see and if they wish, obtain their personal copies sent directly to them.

Griffith Photographers can create a promotional video from the photography or video footage, taken at your event and use your spokesperson to promote your event, services or products.  This saves you time and expense by getting a finished advertisement to you quickly and professionally.


What we do for photography, we do for video.  Our 1 manned camera coverage includes an unmanned camera giving you a 2nd point of view.  This is very helpful in cut aways, and transitional shots.  We can also provide you with multiple manned camera views as well.  If you require 2, 3, 4 or more manned cameras we can accommodate you.  We also routinely record audio content separately to optimize the quality of  your soundtrack, just like in a movie.  We upload and edit your raw footage and audio and sync all viewpoints and audio, to create a single video or multiple clips as needed for website and social media viewing.  

If you'd prefer, we can provide video sync with  a flying screen so that attendees might have the option of watching your presentation on the screen enlargements.  We can provide the entire package for you, screens, projection units, switchers, drape, and set up and brake down.  Tell us what you need, we'll help you tell your story.

Our team of photographers and videographers are professional in their interactions with your guests, their dress, and professionalism.   Our photographers and staff will blend in with whatever level of event you're planning.  Whether your event has 20 or 10,000 attendees, call us, we'd love to show you just how good we really are.

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Commercial Samples

Event summary highlights  View more samples at:


A recent onsite site sample of a promo video we did for Diabetes Education and Camping Association DECA.

Announcement Sample


Many companies will hire us to do interviews of clients, customers and associates for their website, and social media formats

Speaker Event Sample

Check out this great video sample.  It includes: 1 cameraman, 2 fixed position video cameras to capture audience reaction.  We also use the audio PA output feed to capture clean crisp sound and add an introduction and a close during the edit phase to produce a professional result.

Each speaker project also receives a photo portrait session to assist in the promotional of your project.

Call: 407.421.3117

Video - Speaker Sample Clip

Check out this great video clip sample

Customer Event Promo Video

A summary overview of what BITAC does. Let's make one for your website.  View more samples at:

Photo Product Sample with Copy Video

This is an inexpensive way to promote your product or service with video on social media platforms and your website.

Bowling League Promo Video

Check out this great video  View more samples at:

Lockhart Elementary Openhouse Video

If your event or project is special, call us at 407.421.3117

Interview Video

Video and still photography excellence at Griffith Photographers.  Call us at: 407.421.3117

Seminar Spot Announcement Video

this was a seminar promo

Website Infomercial Video

Event Summary Video

Hair Cuttery summary video