We Do Corporate Events Right!

Events are special to us.  We want to be a part of the precious memories you make for yourself and for the customers you serve.  We have a fully trained staff of photographers and support personnel that are eager to provide you the best photographic experience you've ever encountered. 

At parties, and graduations, we can provide onsite prints to your guests.  We provide the photography and then our staff printer delvers you a 4x6 or 5x7 color print within a few seconds.  The photograph is delivered complete in a presentation folder so that your guests can immediately display and enjoy their memories. 

We offer party packages which allow you to provide photo memories to everyone that attends your party.  We can also offer custom printing on the photograph or on the presentation folder the photograph is delivered to your guest in.  This links their memory of your event with your message, tag line, or event information.

We offer invitations to your event with stock and custom designs, with or without photo images to impress your invitees.  We can provide you with you own personal 30 or 60 second commercial to remind your invitees of your upcoming event and provide additional information to them, such as website or directions. We also offer custom banners (30"x72" for example) to warmly welcome your guests to your event.  After your event is over, Griffith Photographers can create traditional albums to showcase your photography, or use our unique photo-montage.  Our photo-montage is a movie of your event filled with photography from your event, and the sounds from your event.  We provide the music to enhance the presentation value of the product. 

When you order our services with video then testimonials, endorsement and interviews are also a part of your coverage.

Call us today.  We want to be your photographer and help you with all things visual.


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Sweet 16 Video

We do still and video coverage at your event.

Sweet Sixteen Party Video

Griffith Photographers will meet all of your photography and videography needs.  Call for more info: 407.421.3117

Retirement Party Video

We used the still images and the photography from this event to create this lasting memory.  It's a summary to a full video package.  You can get the gist of the event in a few minutes of enjoyment.

Ballet Recital Sampler Video

For more info on capturing your event, call us at 407.421.3117

New Year's Eve Church Video

With our Party Pics Package, guests take their photographs home with them that night.  For more information call: 407.421.3117

Music Video